Aquasana : While the percentage varies slightly, the human body is comprised of 61.8 percent water by weight. Our bodies (depending on physical condition) need approximately two quarts of clean water per day to remain healthy.  And while a large percentage of our body weight is water, it is needed for circulatory systems, the elimination of waste and other vital bodily processes.

Water is crucial to our very existence, knowing this not only should we drink water in sufficient quantities, but ensure the water is clean, safe, and free from pollutants, easily accomplished by using quality water filters such as Aquasana.  These filters were scientifically engineered to remove rust, sand, bacteria, chlorine, magnesium and other chemicals harmful to our bodies.

When water is delivered to our homes, it has already been through a process to provide a certain level of purification, however it will never reach the high level of clarity and filtration a water filter can provide.


It is beyond the capacity of most metropolitan water treatment, to remove all the harmful elements before water is delivered to our homes.  When we turn on the tap, the water may still taste bad, smell of chemicals, and be filled with other man-made pollutants not visible to the naked eye.

A quality water filter such as Aquasana provides a high level of filtration that removes contaminants, bacteria, and other harmful ingredients.


THMs (Chemical compounds formed as a result of reactions between organic materials and chlorine)
VOCs (Volatile organic chemicals represent a large number of synthetic chemicals)

Water filters are a miracle of modern science, able to eliminate particles even smaller than the holes through which the water passes. This is accomplished with carbon block filtration and ion exchange.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) FACTOID: The water that is received when we turn on our taps is filled with a plethora of chemicals so numerous that health risks cannot be accurately predicted


It’s natural to ask, “Do I really need a water filter, or is tap water sufficient?”  The answer is actually quite simple, if you’re 100% certain the water your drinking is safe, and contains no harmful substances, then no you can do without a water filter.  However, if you’re drinking tap water, it’s likely your drinking contaminated water

FACT: In 1974 legislation was implemented concerning the quality of water delivered to the public, it was termed “The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974″.  Most public utilities comply with federal rules, but there remain low levels of carcinogens present in most public water supplies.  There is increasing evidence these carcinogens are linked to increasing cases of cancer.

While it’s certainly your decision whether or not, you obtain a water filter, consider your health and quality of life.  It is far better to take a few precautions, then to potentially deal with health related problems.

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